There are always ways for the improvement of trading experiences of clients in the binary options business and the sole target of a truly internet based binary options trading platform is not only innovation but also the factors of development are very crucial to sustain in the present competitive market.

TopOption Short Review

These factors help a binary broker to stay on the leading position. After enabling the traders to stay focused on the computers for binary trading through the internet, the TopOption trading platform went a step further to introduce the mobile application. Being a relatively new entrant in the world of binary options trading the company was quick enough to establish itself as one of the leading platforms of binary trading.

However, it hasn’t been able to satisfy the needs of all its traders as the broker has received many complaints with regards to its functioning by traders. The owner of the company is which is a part of the SafeCap investment group and thus, it claims to provide a reliable platform for their traders, helping them to maintain a healthy relation with the company for a long period of time.

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TopOption Mobile App Features

Considering the emergence of the mobile binary options trading, TopOption is not the only trader that took the leap towards developing facilities for mobile trading. There were several other binary options platforms that developed the mobile trading applications for the traders at the same time.

Thus, it cannot be said that the company developed a unique feature for their clients. The company claims to have the best interconnected networks of binary platforms that will be really beneficial for their traders. But it is a fact that, as the binary trading system is a global process, it involves traders of different countries and thus, it is absolutely necessary for any mobile trading app to support different languages so that traders, who use the app, are also able to connect with each other.

Having an interconnected global network is not an exclusive feature that the TopOption mobile app provides for its traders.

TopOption Mobile App Testing

Being a part of, the TopOption mobile app was created by experienced professionals and the testing process was successfully completed by the AppStore of Apple and the android play store.

testingIn this regard, it must be mentioned that, each and every mobile trading application developed by any other companies are tested for compatibility of the app in any android operating platform. The process is nothing new for this particular binary option broker.

Though it is a fact that the TopOption mobile app comprises of all the necessary advantages that the traders would love to have access and this mobile trading app has been able to successfully organize the necessary assets for the traders to provide them a real world trading experience even when using the mobile app. But, this feature is a must have for each and every mobile trading app that is developed by a company.

TopOption Mobile App Trading

With respect to the features that include a lot of options for the traders to select the assets and trading options, the TopOption mobile trading application provides all the options that are available with other mobile trading apps also. It includes classic option, 60 seconds, one touch, option builder and the pro option.


When you download a Trading Application make sure that the variety of trading different options is the same as on the regular platform.

CherryTrade’s App is one of few that has the same number of options on both platforms.

All these above mentioned options are also available with other mobile trading apps. It must be remembered that the real power of an app is not the fact that it can be used for trading, but the factor that it is able to provide the users something more than trading. This is the factor that makes any trading app separate from any other mobile trading apps.

It is good that the TopOption mobile app is successful in satisfying the basic requirements of the traders that are essential for an app, but it cannot be said that the company has been able to develop a unique feature within the app that makes it different from any other mobile trading apps.

TopOption Mobile App Tools

The TopOption mobile trading app is claimed to be very simple in use for a lot of traders which is a really good thing for the TopOption binary trading platform but it must also be remembered that there are a lot of mobile trading apps developed by other companies that are also convenient to use according to many users.

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The TopOption mobile app offers a complete package of the advanced tools that are necessary for easy trading for their traders which includes the “Roll Over” and “Sell Option” function. This can be said to be a unique feature for the TopOption mobile application which helps in extending the expiry time of a trade.

The TopOption mobile trading app was thus found to be good in its operation, but not unique in any way. To present itself as a unique mobile trading application, it must offer essential features that are not present in any other platform.

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