TitanTrade is one of the quickly expanding binary options trading platform that claims to offer great customer satisfaction. This specific binary options trading platform constitutes the opinions of a huge number of traders. Though the broker has received positive comments regarding the simple and straightforward user interface provided to their customers, at the same time, a lot of traders have complained regarding the fact that they are not able to withdraw their amount on time.

Not only are they facing withdrawal problems, but also the trading platform is not able to provide any support to them about how to retrieve their initial deposits. For these situations, the broker has received mixed reactions from its traders.

TitanTrade Mobile App Features

In the present market, there has been a lot of development in the binary options trading platforms with the emergence of the mobile trading applications. TitanTrade has also launched its very own TitanTrade mobile application for trading that provides the traders a convenient platform to trade from anywhere at any time.

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Due to the development of this app, it has become really easy for the traders to continue their trading even when they are having lunch. Gone are the days in which traders had to sit for a long period of time in front of their desktops or laptops to make proper trading. This is absolutely a good feature for TitanTrade mobile app.

But at the same time, it must be considered that there are also a lot of binary trading brokers that which provide the same comfort to their traders, thus, it cannot be said to be an exclusive feature for the TitanTrade mobile trading app.

TitanTrade Mobile Application Safety

Considering the safety and security issues, it can be said that the TitanTrade Mobile App claims itself to be reliable for the traders. But the actual opinions of the traders say otherwise. It is a fact that only some of the traders have received their additional bonus amounts and withdrawal requests at the right time.

titantrade AGPay Attention!

Before getting any Mobile Trading Application make sure the broker that provides it is reliable. Read carefully the Terms and Conditions and get other traders opinion.

But on the other hand, few traders complain that during the initial deposit, a small amount was reduced from their account without prior notice and they had to undergo a lot of hassles to recover the deduced amount from their account. This was a real shock for a lot of traders and TitanTrade received a lot of flak for this. Irrespective of proper security measures for the safety of investor’s deposits, the broker does not seem to have provided satisfactory performance.

TitanTrade Mobile App Trading

One of the most basic features of an online trading app is to provide the available options present in the market to the traders. It has been claimed by the TitanTrade mobile app that it provides the best trading options of the binary market but the traders are of the opinion that the mobile trading application offers only the necessary trading options like the classic options, 60 seconds, Rise/Fall, one touch. These are all the basic trading options that are provided by most of the mobile trading apps of other companies.

It is a fact that these options are necessary for the traders to trade, but these options are not only limited to TitanTrade mobile app.

Considering the other features like the auto update feature, according to TitanTrade, their app is updated automatically. This can be said to be a beneficial feature for a trader and for some it has truly worked fine, but other traders have also complained that, the auto update feature have not been able to offer the beneficial trading signals within the expiry time. These trading signals had been offered to the traders after the expiry, and thus were useless. This action has caused losses to a few of the traders.

Thus, this particular mobile app has not been able to receive positive comments from the clients. Moreover, the auto update feature is a very basic feature that each and every mobile trading application must have. Without this feature, the mobile app becomes useless. A trader needs to have all the present information regarding the fluctuations of the market at the right time. In this context, it must be remembered that, this feature is not a unique feature of TitanTrade mobile app, but it is present in other trading apps also.

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TitanTrade Mobile App – Conclusion

From the overall review of the TitanTrade mobile application, it can be said that the application contains all the necessary features for helping the traders to continue their trading conveniently. But at the same time, all these features are available in the other binary options trading apps as well. Thus, to make it more unique and appreciable to the traders, it must be able to develop such features that are not available in all other mobile trading applications.

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