The online binary options trading platform emerged from a long list of traditional gaming and trading websites. Though the company is present in the binary options trading business for a long period of time, but their experience does not seem to be very useful for the traders who have invested in their trading platform. Mobile App

Being one of the oldest binary options trading platform that was established in the year 1999, the company is owned by Regent Markets Group and it has its license in the Isle of Malta and Man. The previous name of the company was, which underwent a rebranding and changed its name to This effort was not only for the rebranding, but the actual motto of the company was to bring about an overall change in the technologies and make use of advanced tools to cope up with the present trading market.

During this period of time it was necessary for the company to develop a more advanced trading platform than any other brokers, but it was only capable of developing the features and benefits that are provided by any other binary brokers. From the opinion of traders, this particular trading platform does not seem to be anything unique from any other broker.

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In the present trading market, has come up with their latest technology in the world of binary options. Though it has been claimed by the mobile app that it presents the traders with a versatile mobile app which will be beneficial for their clients, but in reality, this app does not come up to be the best trading app offered by the broker. It provides only the basic features that are necessary for trading and a lot of customers have opined that it took a really long period of time while making the initial start up by depositing the money.

On the contrary, some are of the opinion that the services of the mobile trading application were quite good. But no one seemed to be too positive for this app.The mobile app offers a consolidated list of all the assets that are essential for the traders that will be immensely helpful for them to enter into the core trading world without wasting any amount of time. It is an agreeable fact that this mobile trading application values the time and labor of their traders.

But, in this era of intense technical advancement, this feature does not sound great. Being a mobile trading app it is a very common feature to provide the list of assets in a proper organized manner, otherwise, the mobile app will be useless for the traders if they are not able to access the assets whenever they are required to make the trade.

Why the Mobile App Lacks Unique Features?

binary.comIt is definitely a beneficial factor for the traders that they are able to access the market and get updated information related to the fluctuations that are taking place. But, it must be considered that a mobile trading app is not only about the convenience it provides to its traders. It is about the additional benefits that the traders receive by trading smoothly.

The mobile application claims to provide all the updated information for the traders at any time so that it becomes easier for them to make the predictions. This cannot be said to be mobile app’s unique feature. Each and every other binary trading business platform provides their traders with updated information and trading signals so that it is easy for them to make the Call or Put option. The educational opportunities that provides may be useful for the novice traders as it helps them to understand the binary trading world.


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But this factor cannot be said to be a unique feature for the traders because all the binary trading platforms provide either one-on-one assistance or webinars for their traders to help them in continuing their trading. Mobile Application Trading

It was expected that being an experienced trader, the mobile app that was developed by would comprise of more binary options than that was available with other contemporary binary options platforms. It provides the binary trading options like classic option, 60 seconds, one touch, Rise or fall. These options are also available with other brokers as well. The expectation of the traders that with the development of the mobile application, there will be a few more trading options available with this broker was not at all successful for them.

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Thus, from the overall opinion of the traders, it has been observed that the mobile trading app is no doubt a useful one for them, but it lacks certain additional features which could’ve made it even more unique.

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